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About us

Vivian is the founder and creative director here at Precisioneventsuk.
She merged her skills in training, events management and hospitality with her natural artistic flair to launch the company. The inspiration to do this came from her love for creating elegant events and transforming ideas into something tangible – she is without doubt a doer. For her, delivering an event is a birthing process where she is the midwife working alongside her client, getting to intimately understand their wants so that she can bring the vision to life. As part of that bespoke service, she always carefully selects a highly-skilled team that is based on each client’s needs.
One thing that drives Vivian is curating an experiential event where the investment that her client has made is aesthetically visible and tangible in terms of the quality of delivery and service. Her mantra is ‘maximise the spend.’ Luxury as well as optimising a budget are equally important for Vivian and her team and none are compromised when creating an event.

Meet Vivian
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Who Are We?

Precision Events UK is an event planning  and venue styling company based in London and Northamptonshire.


As a collective of highly-skilled industry specialists guided by Creative Lead Vivian, we pride ourselves in being able to turn your most luxurious and decadent party ideas into a reality. The team is expert at organising a whole range of celebrations from birthdays and weddings to retirement parties and corporate galas. Our pledge to you is to deliver the event of your dreams smoothly, with agility and our hallmark signature of impeccable style and class.

For a stress-free event, we invite you to hand over the reins to our highly skilled team. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered, so sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of creating your memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Do We Do What We Do

So here’s the thing… first of all, we take parties very seriously and relish any opportunity we get to create a luxurious celebration. For us, each event we curate has got to be better than the last, and the last is always superb!

Next, we love getting to know your party persona. Whether you are a ‘champagne-on-a-rooftop-at-midnight’ kind of guy or a ‘cut-the-cake-singing-out-of-tune’ girl, we will curate an event just suited for you. Your party wishes are our event commands to unleash luxury, style and chic for an unforgettable experience.


And here’s the piéce de resistance. We collaborate with an extensive network of vendors so we can pretty much cater for all tastes. What this also means is that we can negotiate to optimise your spend so that you can get the full experience of your investment.  

Now head over to Services and see what we can do for you!

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What’s your vision for your event? Get in touch and we’ll help you bring it to life!
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