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Terms & Conditions

1.    Non-Payment Of Monies


If you fail to pay any amount payable under this agreement on the date due, we shall be entitled at our discretion to:


(a) suspend provision until the overdue amount and any interest has been paid


2.   Suppliers


(a) You shall be responsible for the prompt payment of all invoices, plus liabilities to any suppliers and providers or any accommodation or other facilities in the respect of the event.


(b) We shall endeavour to obtain and supply to you on request receipts from any suppliers or third-party suppliers.


3. Event Insurance

You are recommended to effect and maintain event insurance against any unforeseen circumstances, which may occur prior to and on the day of the event.


4.   Delay & Conduct

Any date quoted by me for completion of my part herein of the programme up to and including the day of the event is given in good faith and as a reasonable estimate.


Precision Events staff will be professional & courteous and will not tolerate any form of physical or verbal abuse (such as either shouting at our staff and/or using derogatory language). Should this occur, your contract will be immediately terminated, and any fee paid will also be forfeited.


5.   Limitation Of Liability


(a) We shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with this letter or the event, except to the extent that such liability may not be lawfully excluded.


(b) Notwithstanding the generality of the paragraph (a) above, we expressly exclude liability for consequential loss or damage, which may arise in respect of the event.


(c)  In the event that any such exclusion or other provision contained in this letter is held to be invalid for any reason and I become liable for loss or damage that could otherwise have been limited, such liability shall be limited to a sum equal to the amount of the total price paid by you, to me, under the terms of this letter.


(d) We do not exclude liability for death or personal injury to the extent only that the same arises as a result of our negligence.


6.   Use of Images


(a) We reserve the right to use images of your event for use on all of our public platforms unless you explicitly state that you do not wish us to do so.

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